XLella Bariatric Cushion Range

Purpose-designed bariatric cushion range for sizes 22″ and above. A robust design, refined shaping for larger users and a sturdy foam construction.

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Width: 22"-28" "18""-26""* *Dependent on width"



Colour Range

Black, Chilli (Red), Mango (Orange), Bumblebee (Yellow), Calypso (Pink), Royal (Purple), Ocean (Blue), Leaf (Green), Granite (Grey)


24 months


Spex Limited



The bariatric population presents specific seating challenges. Positioning the pelvis in neutral may not be possible because excessive soft tissue limits the ability to control the position of the pelvis and spine; therefore, it is essential to provide adequate pressure distribution and relief, heat and moisture control, and ultimately, comfort.

The excessive adipose tissue in the gluteal region (gluteal shelf) can prevent bariatric users from sitting with adequate spinal support, which can contribute to back pain. Offering solutions to accommodate the unique posterior shape created by this redundant tissue is paramount. The XLella Bariatric range consists of back supports and cushions with widths spanning from 22” to 28” and including options for custom items up to 32”. Sizes 21″ and below are available in our regular Spex cushion range.

The XLella cushions provide an off-the-shelf solution, with integrated adjustability and adaptability for potential changing needs. These are available in two different styles to meet the individual requirements and body shapes of the user: XLella Vigour Standard Contour and XLella Classic (available in both Standard and High Contour). Both models are transport-certified and have a weight capacity of up to 225kg.

– Built to support larger users. Featuring supportive lateral rigidisers along the sides of the cushion, these not only help to maintain the shape of the cushions but also add extra thigh support and alignment.
– Constructed using higher density foams to ensure the durability and longevity of the cushion, allowing them to withstand a larger weight capacity whilst maintaining support and comfort over long periods of time. Specific foam construction differs from the regular Spex cushion models; this is easily visible by the change in colour and thickness.
– The XLella Vigour Standard Contour is a less complex and non-contourable option, which is ideal for more active users who require a sturdy base of support and high degree of stability.
– The XLella Classic which is available in either Standard or High Contour, features the renowned Spex Strategic Positioning Base, enabling the cushion to be configured to solve many different pelvic needs. The contourable base system is ideal for users with moderate to severe positioning and pressure requirements. In particular, users whose needs may change over time have symmetrical or asymmetrical sitting postures, or require pelvic stability that can be accommodated by specific positioning.
– Dual-layer technology in the cushion outer cover reduces shear forces, combatting the likelihood of chaffing and pressure sores. With air-mesh side panels and moisture-wicking top surface fabric; build-up and the impacts of temperature are countered. Covers can be easily removed and refitted after laundering.
– All XLella cushions come standard with an easily-removable incontinence cover for hygiene purposes and ease of cleaning.