About Us

We deliver better days. We can’t think of a better job.

At Regency Care we believe in delivering better days through deeper understanding that frees us to provide the right fitting equipment, right on time, right first time.



We guide and support you in-depth

As an industry authority on assistive technology equipment, you can count on our experienced Care Consultants for expert problem-solving ability. We start by understanding your goals.


We deliver right on time, right first time

We’re committed to keeping you one step ahead, so we take the time to save you time and ultimately deliver faster. And we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.


We think long term comfort and durability

The only way to achieve maximum comfort and mobility is careful measurement and proper fitting. Our personalised, accurate assessment experience makes comfort a reality.


We go the extra smile

We get up every day finding new ways to help you have the best day possible. Count on us for no surprises, a few delights, and plenty of peace of mind!


We start every day excited to find new ways to support real and lasting care. Going the extra mile for the smile is more than our mantra: It’s how we measure your satisfaction and our performance.

Listen well: We aim to win trust fast by being hungry, humble and smart. We listen closely and communicate clearly.

Work at the speed of right: We move with speed and precision as creative problem solvers. But we never cut corners or make excuses.

Sweat the details: Thorough attention to detail is everything. We solve problems as a team – leveraging our internal experts.

Acknowledge everyone: We’re never too busy to show we care. We show respect for our customers and fellow team members – helping each other to grow.

Deliver joy: Bring sunshine! We create memorable experiences distinguished by happiness, fun and creativity with a spirit of generosity.

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