Spex SuperHigh Contour Cushion

Using proven Spex strategic positioning base technology, the Spex SuperHigh Contour Cushion offers all of the benefits of the Spex Classic Cushion, plus extra pelvic and hip immersion.

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Width: 8"-24" Depth: "8""-22 ""* *Dependent on width"


"8""-13"": 90kg 14""-24"": 160kg"

Colour Range

Black, Chilli (Red), Mango (Orange), Bumblebee (Yellow), Calypso (Pink), Royal (Purple), Ocean (Blue), Leaf (Green), Granite (Grey)


24 months


Spex Limited



The medial thigh support combined with lateral thigh supports maximizes user stability, providing greater balance and support on the upper body. The SuperHigh Contour cushion’s body-hugging nature delivers comfort and daily sitting relief, while the 3D breathable mesh fabric helps in reducing moisture and temperature.

– No maintenance required. A reliable, peace-of-mind solution
– Strategic contouring pads offer complete customisations on-the-spot for a perfect fit for the client
– Removable lateral rigidizers which add extra thigh support/alignment
– Gel-foam ischial well evenly distributes pressure under the pelvis
– Coccyx channel for enhanced pressure relief (for sizes 16″+)
– Dual-layer cover reduces shear forces and breathable air-mesh on the cushion sides counters moisture
– Inner incontinence cover included
– Customisable for many requirements, such as leg length discrepancies
– Not compatible with Thigh Supports or Medial Thigh Supports

Designed for the user who has moderate to severe positioning requirements.

Excellent choice for individuals who:
– Require extra pelvic, hip stability, and specific contouring
– Have muscle tone patterns that require sufficient thigh lateral control
– Thigh support is higher for alignment
– If extremity support can’t be maintained through the use of external thigh laterals and/or if installing thigh laterals can’t be used, the SuperHigh contour cushion will provide that needed support and stabilisation
– Have a symmetrical or asymmetrical sitting posture that requires correction or control/accommodation