Spex Growth-Adjust Back Support

The back support that stretches for future growth!








Width: 12"-16" "Height range*: 11""-24"" *Dependent on width"

"12"" and 14"": 90kg 16"": 136kg"

Black, Chilli (Red), Mango (Orange), Bumblebee (Yellow), Calypso (Pink), Royal (Purple), Ocean (Blue), Leaf (Green), Granite (Grey)

24 months

Spex Limited


The Growth-Adjust Back Support has in-built height adjustment due to its unique shell style. Future-proof for users’ growth or a preferred change in back support height with the precise sliding adjustment function to accommodate up to 5”/12.5cm of growth. The innovative growth adjustment system has an upper sliding interface, meaning that from the initial wheelchair setup, the prescriber can be confident that the back support can adjust in height as the user grows; this is particularly effective for paediatrics. The foam and upholstery unit is matched for the longest growth setting of the back support, so there is no requirement to purchase different sizes of padding as the user grows.

The growth-adjustable shell is available with the following padding options:

– Growth-Adjust: For users with symmetrical postures
– Growth-Adjust Spex Classic: Contourable cube padding for users with asymmetries and require pressure reduction

T-Shape Option:
– Includes a removable plate which allows the foam to sit between the canes so the ‘T’ rests on them.
– Rigid T-Shape insert fits inside the outer cover and can be easily added or removed to provide varying levels of support throughout the day. The back support can also be set up without the insert to allow the back support to be positioned in between the wheelchair canes.
– Foam pads can be removed easily to allow more movement and re-added to provide more support. Remove the foam pads in the morning when energy and activity is high and add them back in the evening when energy is low and support is required.

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