Spex Axial Biangular Lateral Trunk Support

The Axial Biangular lateral trunk support has been designed to provide superior trunk positioning and improved pressure distribution for individuals who present with scoliosis and/or other complex trunk asymmetries observed on the frontal plane.

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12 months


Spex Limited



This system comprises a pivot-hinge within the lateral pads which allows for intricate positioning for both concave and convex deviations as it adjusts to different body presentations. Together with the axial technology and superior foam padding finish, the Biangular Axial Lateral Support ensures optimum fitting to address asymmetric body shapes, and provides excellent pressure distribution through a wider surface area to optimise comfort.

Functional Benefits:
– The lateral trunk support allows for angle adjustment within the pad due to its patented pivot-link system – essential to graduate positioning and comfort.
– The Axial technology associated to this superior lateral trunk support permits positioning of the pad virtually anywhere.
– Superior foam padding finish contains an extra layer of soft pressure-relieving foam which allows for greater surface contact area, superior pressure relief and overall comfort. Two padding styles are available: 12mm pressure-reduction and 24mm pressure-reduction; the 24mm pressure reduction padding contains an additional layer of foam.
– Swing-away mechanism allows for ease of transfers.
– Supplied with removable and washable covers. Comfi-cover option has pull strap for ease of releasing lateral mechanism.

Designed for the individual who:
– Presents with scoliosis and/or other trunk asymmetries featuring increased lateral flexion of the trunk.
– Requires superior surface contact area and increased pressure distribution to accommodate lateral trunk deviations – for both concave and convex asymmetries.
– Requires gradual correction of trunk asymmetries towards midline.