Simple Stuff Works Stabilising Mesh

The foundation of an award-winning sleep system.

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Cot (Base): 700 (Top): 1300 Single (Base): 1000 Single (Top):1500 (Length) Cot- Base: 1500 Cot- Top: 1800 Single-Top: 1800 Single- Base: 1800



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Simple Stuff Works




The base of our award-winning sleep system starts with two layers of non-slip mesh. The flexibility of this base layer makes it one of the most dynamic parts of the system.

It is between the two layers of mesh where supports are placed around an individual to create the ideal position for them. The mesh is one of the most hygienic bases for a positioning system as it is anti-microbial, complete with SteriTouch running through it, anti-mite, anti-fungal, entirely washable and conforms to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It holds any supports firmly and is completely silent to use, making changes in position throughout the night as gentle and calm as possible. The mesh can be used to also hold other pieces of equipment in place as well as holding the individual which means that the overall positioning system is very secure whilst allowing for easy changes in position. It is available in a variety of sizes and can be adapted for use on double beds (please enquire for this).

The intended purpose of Simple Stuff Works is therapeutic positioning of the body in the lying posture, and is a gentle therapy used for those with movement difficulties. When used correctly it may help protect and restore an individual’s body shape. The system has no Velcro or screw action fixings, so silent changes of position can be made with little disruption to the person whilst in bed.