Simple Stuff Works Side Lying Leg Support

To protect the hips and pelvis whilst in side lying position.

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Soft Fibre and covered in a polyester-mix material


Size 1 (B)- 380 Size 2 (B)- 560 Size 3 (B)- 610 Size 1 (D?)- 80 Size 2 (D?)- 100 Size 3 (D?)- 110



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Simple Stuff Works




The Side Lying Leg Support is designed to protect the hips and pelvis when a person is lying on their side. The leg channel creates a perfect place for the top leg to lie and the bottom leg wraps gently around the outside. When combined with lots of support along the person’s back, a lovely, supportive, side lying position can be achieved. This is perfect for individuals who need to lie on their side for safety reasons.

The Side Lying Leg Support can be used with individuals of all ages during immobilisation after surgery, to therapeutically align the legs and avoid contractures.

It has a cotton mix terry towelling cover and is filled with a specialised fibre that wicks moisture away from the body, therefore it may be placed next to the skin.

Some of the benefits of using the Side Lying Leg Support may be:

Reduced pain
Improved comfort
Improved sleep
Improved balance
Improved cardiac function
Improved respiratory function
Improved heat exchange
Improved pressure care
Improved digestion
Decreased tone
The Side Lying Leg Support comes in 3 different sizes.

The intended purpose of Simple Stuff Works is therapeutic positioning of the body in the lying posture, and is a gentle therapy used for those with movement difficulties. When used correctly it may help protect and restore an individual’s body shape. The system has no Velcro or screw action fixings, so silent changes of position can be made with little disruption to the person whilst in bed.