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  • Bariatric Power Pivot Frame – with Integrated Scale

    Allegro Concepts Hoist Accessories are designed and manufactured in Australia, with a view to providing healthcare facilities with customized patient transfer packages that meet the needs of each individual clients.

  • LIGHT DRIVE Power Assist

    The Light Drive power assist is an electric motor that turns your manual wheelchair into an ultra-light, high performance electric wheelchair in seconds!

    An extended colour range, a new anti-tip, a more ergonomic clutch system… Light Drive power assist is changing in order to make life even more beautiful!
    The motor attachment simply hooks onto the rear of your rigid or folding manual wheelchair.
    The Light Drive unit is operated by a joystick while maintaining the chair’s manoeuvrability – it stop’s when you let go of the joystick and has a 360-degree movement including full reversal.
    By releasing a clutch, you can free wheel giving you the choice between using the power add on assistance or manual use.
    Safety is an important factor of the Light Drive with a downhill braking feature in place that automatically controls your decent.
    Benoit Systemes have designed the Light Drive to be a robust & reliable power add for most manual wheelchairs.

  • Power Pivot Frame

    The Power Pivot Frame is compatible with the Alto 200 and Sonata ELS‘ pivot frame model.

    It has a 4-sling attachment point (2 at the top and 2 at the lower centre) for pivot slings to attach to it.

    It’s most helpful in preventing inadvertent tilting of the pivot frame.


    • Reduces loss of lifting height compared with other hoist scales
    • Use with pivot (clip attachment) slings
    • Non-absorbent polyurethane padding
  • PRIDE Power Assist

    The Power Assist attaches directly on to manual wheelchairs easily. It features an easy-to-use squeeze trigger mechanism, along with a speed dial, enabling users to customise speed settings.

  • Spex Power Recline Adapter Back Support Hardware

    Enables fitting of Spex Back Supports to Power Wheelchair systems Quantum TRU-Balance 3, TRU-Balance 4 and Sedeo Pro.