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  • HOMECRAFT Adjustable Bed Cradle

    Whether you want to prevent possible accidents while asleep or to keep the covers off of your feet and legs, this Bed Cradle is the exact product that you have been looking for. These products are able to be used at the side or end of the bed for many personal purposes. The base of this product slips between the mattress and spring and is ready to be used in no time at all. The folding version is excellent to be used for easy storage and traveling and both styles are ideal for personal and professional use.

    • Keeps covers off legs and feet
    • Can be used at the side or end of bed
    • Base slips between mattress and spring
    • The adjustable version allows height of 18″–27″ and the base is 14″ x 28″
    • Consists of a two-part frame
    • Latex free
  • OXFORD 4-Point Active Powered Cradle

    The 4-point Adaptive Powered Cradle uses the Securi3 safety clip system and allows the carer to lower and position the patient independently for optimum recline and comfort – eliminating the requirement for manual repositioning.

    This system allows for the carer to lower and position the patient independently, providing high standards of recline and comfort. This lift eliminates the need for manual repositioning.

    The Adaptive Powered Cradle is designed for use with the Oxford Presence and Stature lifts.

  • OXFORD 4-Point Manual Cradle

    Oxford 4-Point Manual Cradle for the Oxford Presence.

  • OXFORD 4-Point Shallow Manual Cradle

    The 4-point positioning cradle uses the Securi3 safety clip system and adjustment is made by rotating the cradle handle either down or up to obtain an upright or reclined position for the patient.

  • WHITMYER Contoured Cradle

    Contoured, single pad wheelchair headrest for posterior and lateral support of the head and neck

    The Contoured Cradle Head Support’s positioning success is derived from its unique anatomic shape. Designed to cradle the occiput and provide lateral cervical support, this wheelchair head support supplies a high degree of comfort and positioning in a simple-to-adjust head support.

    Cradle Shape for Children to Adults

    Designed to cradle the occipital region, the Contoured Cradle wheelchair head support provides superior lateral cervical support that is comfortable and easy to adjust. Its rotational collar adjustment enables proper positioning for maximum support surface contact. Pad sizes range from Small to Large to fit pediatric to adult clients. Add lateral facial pads, switches, or anterior supports to increase versatility.

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