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  • HOMECRAFT Kings Standard Built-Up Cutlery

    Homecraft Kings Standard Built-Up Handle

    Use one of these handles on your Homecraft Kings Cutlery to make meals easier. The adaptive dining aids simply slide onto the utensil over the plastic spigot. Use with a variety of cutlery including your fork, knife, or spoon. Customize your silverware by adding a handle that accommodates your needs.

    Find the Handle You Need

    • Standard handle: Cylindrical handle with a hollow body
    • Slim handle: Skinnier handle with an oval cross section, also used as core for the built-up sleeves
    • Heavy handle: Similar to standard but with a metal bar in the core to add weight, helpful for people with hand tremors
    • Contoured handle: Curved handle with indentation for your fingers to help ensure a proper grip
    • Mushroom handle: Round, hollow door knob shaped handle, easier to grip for people with weak or painful joints
  • HOMECRAFT Queens Angled Built-Up Cutlery

    Standard Cutlery to Improve Grip

    Utensils are mounted into a lightweight built-up handle to make gripping easier. The ABS plastic handle is 9.8 cm (3.9”) long with a diameter of 3 cm (1.2”). The popular range of standard utensils is available individually or at a four piece set (fork, knife, teaspoon, tablespoon).

    Angled Cutlery for Limited Wrist Movement

    The angled head of these pieces make them ideal for users who have limited wrist movement. It helps users who can only twist or turn their wrists small amounts. The fork and spoon are available in both left handed and right handed options. The knife’s blade is bent at an angle and cuts food using a rocking motion.

    Specialty Cutlery for One Handed Dining and Sensitive Mouths

    One-handed dining utensils combine cutlery functions into one utensil. They are ideal for people with hemiparesis after a stroke and amputees. The spork has a rounded body for scooping food like a spoon, while the prongs let you pick up food using the utensil as a fork. The nelson knife has a cutting blade that curves to end up as a pronged fork.

    The soft coated spoons are helpful for people with a bite reflex problem or a sensitive mouth. The stainless steel spoon is dipped in soft, food quality PVC. Due to the type of use, soft coated utensils are only guaranteed for three months.

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