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  • OXFORD Advance Floor Hoist

    The Oxford® Advance folding mobile patient lift is one of the most functional and stylish in its class today. Especially suited to home care and small nursing institutions where space sometimes is simply not available, the Advance also allows a user to travel outside of the confines of their own home.

    Compact folding design for easy transportation and storage.
    This floor hoist comes with a Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard. The Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points. The ‘Swan-neck’ leg design ensures excellent access around furniture with an optional shallow 4-point positioning cradle

  • OXFORD Advance Travel Bag

    The Oxford Advance Travel Bag is specifically designed to suit the Oxford Advance Hoist. This bag has multiple carry handles to help easily transport lifts from place to place. This travel bag also includes a pocket for a battery inside and a clear insert on the outside that can be used to display labels and travel documents.

  • Sovereign S7 Advance 250kg

    Advanced Pressure Redistribution
    Breathability and Improved Micro-Climate
    Heel Slope
    Safety anf Falls Prevention
    Mobilty, Independence & Ease of Repositioning
    Reduced Friction/Shear