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  • Adjustable Bed Sheet Sets

    Luxurious 1000 Thread Count
    100% Cotton Plain Sateen
    Available in White or Charcoal colour
    36cm drop

  • EQUAGEL – Adjustable Cushion

    • Gel cushion for anyone in need of a low-profile customisable comfortable cushion
    • Comes with a fluid resistant, vapour permeable cover
    • 12 degrees cooler than inflatable cushions which creates a more comfortable seating solution for patients
    • Gel cushion absorbs vibrations
    • 2” tall EquaGel in two stages
    • Includes pelvic contour inserts to increase the amount of therapeutic gel supporting the pelv

    Level of Care: Medium

  • HOMECRAFT Adjustable Bed Cradle

    Whether you want to prevent possible accidents while asleep or to keep the covers off of your feet and legs, this Bed Cradle is the exact product that you have been looking for. These products are able to be used at the side or end of the bed for many personal purposes. The base of this product slips between the mattress and spring and is ready to be used in no time at all. The folding version is excellent to be used for easy storage and traveling and both styles are ideal for personal and professional use.

    • Keeps covers off legs and feet
    • Can be used at the side or end of bed
    • Base slips between mattress and spring
    • The adjustable version allows height of 18″–27″ and the base is 14″ x 28″
    • Consists of a two-part frame
    • Latex free
  • NXT Xtend Height Adjustable Back Support

    The Most Adjustable Back Support Available

    The Xtend Back Support is one of the most highly adjustable back supports available today. Precise height adjustments allow for small incremental changes, or for a change in the users, condition which requires modification to the back height placement or contour support.

    The NXT Xtend and Xtend DEEP Height Adjustable Thoracic Back Support have been designed designed with 4″ of stepless height adjustment, built right into the shell itself.

    • Built-in height adjustment allows back height, and lateral contour height to be set exactly where support is needed. Done quickly and easily with the user seated in the wheelchair
    • Two-piece lightweight aluminum shell

    • Adjustable upper section allows for optimal lateral thoracic support.

    • Fixed lower section supports the pelvic area

    • Xtend Low DEEP offers adjustable lateral contour depth of 5.5 – 7″ (14 – 17.8cm) for optimal mid-line support and positioning. DEEP Only.

    • Scapula cut-out shape

  • Self Propel Mobile Shower Commode – Height Adjustable

    – 3 strap back rest for comfort and easy access
    – Integrated push-handle for manoeuvrability
    – Swing-up arms for unrestricted side transfer
    – Swingaway and removable height adjustable footrest
    – 2x 125mm total locking castors
    – 2x 22″self-propel wheels inc. push to lock brakes
    – Designed to be used with a K Care patented removable seats
    – Push rims available as optional extra
    – Padded seat not included

  • Spex Adjustable Lateral Head Support

    The Adjustable Lateral Head Support offers flexibility to adjust external lateral supports, enabling these to be placed in the optimal position for users with impaired control and tone.

  • Transit Mobile Shower Commode – Height Adjustable

    Height adjustable frame
    Independently tested to conform to AS/NZS 3973:2009 for safety and peace of mind .
    3 strap back rest for comfort and easy access.
    Integrated push-handle for manoeuvrability.
    Swing-up arms for unrestricted side transfer.
    Swingaway and removable height adjustable footrest.
    4x 125mm total locking castors.
    Designed to be used with a K Care patented removable seats.
    Padded seat not included.