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  • 7001GW-D – ALRICK Profiling Bed

    The Alrick 7001GW-D Double Series is designed to cater for two patients with all necessary standard care features including hi-low, electric backrest, electric kneebreak and an impressive
    225kg safe working load.
    Also innovative features incorporated include, underbed lighting to reduce the risk of falling accidents and a back lit handset for visibility and usage at night or in dim conditions.

  • ALRICK 8000 Companion Bed

    The 8000 Series Companion bed allows two patients can be cared for in comfort and dignity. The back rests work independently, and, if specified, can be fitted with the unique Protek2 fan. This innovative safety feature stops heads, arms, pets or anything else getting trapped underneath the back rest if one is raised and the other flat. It features electric hi-low, electric knee brake, and a 300kg working load. The actuators are heavy duty, ensuring efficient, reliable function, and are warrantied for five years. The steel bed frame is warrantied for ten years. The 8000 Series bed is available in both Double and Queen size.

  • IC333 Premium Homecare Bed

    The IC333 Homecare Bed is unmatched for function and durability, taking the hospital look out of your room. This four function bed, features dual lift motors totalling 12,000 newtons lifting power, unlimited under-bed clearance and eight heavy duty castors. Designed to improve your sleep and independence, and tailored to suit your room.

  • ICARE Partner Base

    Icare Companion Beds are the ideal solution for couples, partners, and caregivers.

    The Companion Bed is completely stationary, with no moving parts at all, and allows a partner or parent to sleep alongside any Icare homecare bed.

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