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  • 2300 ALRICK Bed

    The Alrick 2300 Tilt Series provides dignity and comfort for bariatric patients with a 300kg safe working load. This model (2300-T) includes the trendelenburg or tilt feature. With new features such as the auto regression backrest, back-lit handset and underbed light it gives the ultimate comfort and safety to both patients and carers.


    Careturner is a unique and innovative medical device designed to reposition patients automatically and to support care staff with daily mobilisation. Careturner turns the patient gently from side to side throughout the night and provides pressure distribution to prevent development of pressure ulcers. Careturner is optimised for single caregiver working environments. It optimises the working environment and saves resources.

  • EN9 Endless Alrick Bed

    The EN9 Endless bed is the first ever universal bed that suits low care, high care and bariatric care, this innovative three-in-one bed has a low height of 100mm and no towers!

    Suitable for care of elderly or dementia patients, through to acute and bariatric settings, the Australian made EN9 Endless Bed has you covered.

    One bed, endless possibilities!

  • EUROCARE Floorline Bed

    The Eurocare Floorline Bed is a sophisticated, stylish and intelligent bed that takes every feature to a new level. This floorline bed has expandable length and width and can be lowered to reduce the risk of falls. With it’s unique design and electric adjustable height you can transform this bed to suit high and low care patients with a touch of a button on the included remote. This bed is the ultimate in versatility and is ideal for home care and aged care environments.

  • P5500 ALRICK Pull-A-Part Bed

    Electric Hi Low

    The P5500 Pull-A-Part Transportable Series is designed for easy transportation and storage. Ideal for short-term cases, the P5500 bed can be assembled and dismantled with ease through the incorporation of a simple lot system which is secured with a pin, and folds compactly for storage.

    The P5500 is an ideal home care bed, as well as a short-term care alternative.

  • Sentida 6 – WIBO

    A universal low nursing bed with complete mobility.

    With the sentida range of low nursing beds, wissner-bosserhoff has achieved an uncompromising implementation of features that meet the requirements of modern nursing care: Maximum safety hand in hand with a cozy design.

    Innovative solutions such as the 3-stop strategy and the patented SafeFree® side guard concept reduce falls as well as the consequences associated with them and sets standards in terms of safety, mobility, height adjustability and coziness.


    The Wi-Bo Movita bed offers electric high low, electric backrest and kneebend. Known for it’s ambient non-institutional appearance.
    The Movita’s other features include:
    Double retracting sleeping surface to reduce friction and shearing forces.
    Has been proven to aid in meal digestion
    Vertical raise therefore no holes in walls, not scissor action
    Underbed clearance for mobile patient lifters at any position
    Easy access foot pedals
    Handset lockout function so care staff have control in dementia care setting
    Robust hand control with 2 button operation reducing risk of accidental bed adjustment
    125mm central locking castors (time saving for care staff)
    2000mm sleeping surface equipped with integrated 200mm bed extension (just requires extension in-fill and foam bolster to close gap)
    3 year electrical / 10 year warranty compliance with new standard IEC 60601-2-52
    Choice of different wood grain finishes
    Quality German made construction
    Less space taken up by bed compared to traditional beds that do not have vertical lift (move in an arc)
    Minimal gap between edge of mattress surface and sideguard