Simple Stuff Works Wedges

Soft yet firm versatile support option.

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Soft Fibre and covered in a polyester-mix material


Small Narrow: 150 Small wide: 220 Medium Narrow: 360 Medium wide: 310 Large wide: 490 Small Narrow: 80 Small wide: 120 Medium Narrow: 90 Medium wide: 130 Large wide: 130



Colour Range





Simple Stuff Works




The soft fibre wedges increase the patient’s base of support – this can spread the load and reduce body tone. It is recommended to use a soft fibre wedge to support the patient in a therapeutic manner. The fibre wedge counters the forces acting on the patient’s body, however in areas where forces acting on the body are stronger, we recommend using alternative Simple Stuff Works supports.

The wedges are tapered at one end, meaning they can be used in a variety of positions and at different areas of the body such as the pelvis, rib cage, head. This will have the effect of maintaining the body’s position or improving it. The wedge is positioned between the two layers of stabilising mesh alongside the patient’s body. It can be used to support the patient in a variety of assessed positions including supine and side lying.

They are available in five different sizes.

The intended purpose of Simple Stuff Works is therapeutic positioning of the body in the lying posture, and is a gentle therapy used for those with movement difficulties. When used correctly it may help protect and restore an individual’s body shape. The system has no Velcro or screw action fixings, so silent changes of position can be made with little disruption to the person whilst in bed.