Simple Stuff Works Temperate Topper

A soft mattress topper for added comfort and temperature regulation.

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Non-woven fibre material


Cot: 590 Single: 1000



Colour Range





Simple Stuff Works




The Temperate Topper aids in thermoregulation, being non-dynamic. This means that the non-woven fibre does not retain heat as foam is known to do, thereby neither cooling nor warming the individual. This is an essential safety feature for those who find it difficult to control their own body temperature, so as not to interfere with their unique temperature regulatory system.

The topper provides a soft layer under the person’s body where the bulk of their weight lies. Comfort of the patient is necessary as postural care must be gentle and humane. If the patient is not comfortable, then muscle tone may increase, and the sleep system is less likely to get used.

The Temperate Topper is available in both single and cot sizes. The single size can also be used on larger beds.

The intended purpose of Simple Stuff Works is therapeutic positioning of the body in the lying posture, and is a gentle therapy used for those with movement difficulties. When used correctly it may help protect and restore an individual’s body shape. The system has no Velcro or screw action fixings, so silent changes of position can be made with little disruption to the person whilst in bed.