Simple Stuff Works Multi-Plane Stabiliser

Dynamic leg support piece to support the legs in a therapeutic position.

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The Multi-Plane Stabiliser is a beautifully dynamic leg support piece which supports an individual’s legs in a therapeutic position. It has the ability to either internally or externally rotate the legs depending on what position would be beneficial for the individual, as well providing a nice level of abduction of the hips to keep them comfortable and in joint. Designed to help an individual to keep a neutral, supine position for long periods of time, it is worn above the knees, across the thighs, and it stabilises the pelvis and the femora.

The Multi-Plane Stabiliser supports the legs to be aligned therapeutically, from a habitual, unsupported or destructive position. Its intended purpose is in therapeutic positioning in the lying posture, and is a gentle therapy used by people with movement difficulties. When used correctly it may help protect and restore an individual’s body shape. A few examples of postures achieved with the help of the Multi-Plane Stabiliser are:

‘Wind sweeping’ to the right or left
Internally rotating both hips
Externally rotating both hips
The Supine Stabiliser can be used with individuals of all ages during immobilisation after surgery, to therapeutically align the legs and avoid contractures. It has a cotton mix terry towelling cover and is filled with a specialised fibre that wicks moisture away from the body, therefore it may be placed next to the skin. The Supine Stabiliser comes in 2 sizes, but can grow with the client removing the need for frequent replacements. It is entirely washable and simple to use, and like all the Simple Stuff Works range, it has no Velcro or screw action fixings so silent changes of position can be made with little disruption to the person whilst in bed.