Poz’In’Form Delta Cushion

Triangular shape, commonly used to support the legs

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The combination of a micropore fabric and a bi-elastic and breathable Pharmatex or Lenzing FR cover offers maximum breathability of the cushion.


Width: 22 cm Length: 105 cm



Colour Range







ISO 10993/ISO 12952


This cushion adapts to all morphologies.

Placed under the knees, it supports the knees’ joint, prevents the patient from sliding downwards and reduces friction and shearing effects on the sacrum’s area.

It can be used in a semi-fowler position and helps to maintain a perfect position while relieving pressure in sensitive areas (sacrum, ischial tuberosities, heels) and shifting it to low-risk zones (calves, thighs and back).

Proper positioning is crucial in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Due to the material it is made up of, the Poz’In’Form cushions offer all the required features in bedsore prevention.

The filling made of thin microfiber perfectly fits the body shape ensuring optimal pressure distribution and contributes to a significant reduction in friction and shearing forces.

These highly effective positioning cushions reinforce proper positioning of the long-term bedridden client by improving abnormal posture, providing even weight distribution and by preventing pressure sores, while implementing security of use and limiting microbial infections.

CODE: Pharmatex Cover: 7009-0551- 269  Lenzing Cover: 7009-0551- 279