Introducing the next generation of lightweight folding tilt-in-space mobility – the NXT.  With the NXT there are no compromises between durability and portability. The NXT incorporates the best design features of both folding, and non-folding tilt-in-space mobility. It is lightweight, compact and portable yet strong, durable and dependable.

The NXT is quick and easy to adjust to continue to meet kid’s needs as they grow. And, just so that there are no surprises, each NXT includes the Freedom “Future Fit” program. The Freedom “Future Fit” program provides the parts necessary to grow the width of the NXT one time during the life of the frame. Freedom’s NEW NXT is truly the “Generation Next” in folding tilt-in-space design.


  • Transforms as easy as 1,2,3…
    • Pop off wheels and footrests
    • Flip back armrests, fold down back
    • Pull up on strap to fold and stow for transport
  • Travels light, weighing just 21.5 pounds
  • Approved for bus transit
  • Tie-downs for bus transit are the strongest part of the frame
  • Transit tie downs are highly visible and easily accessible


  • Three fasteners adjust seat frame width 2” in most sizes
  • Two fasteners adjust seat depth another 4” in each size
  • Two fasteners adjust back angle from 80° to 120

Easy to Use

  • Foot-activated tilt with flip-up pedal
  • Foot-activated wheel lock
  • Foot curb-assist leverage bar/anti-tipper

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See below


100 KG

Colour Range

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Approx 1 Year




AS/NZS 3695 ISO 7176-19


Seat Frame Widths
The NXT is available in 11 sizes from 10″ wide to 20″ wide.
Each size from 10″ wide to 16″ wide adjusts an additional 2″ in width.
The 17″ wide size adjusts an additional 1″ in width to 18″ wide.
The 18″, 19″ and 20″ wide sizes are set.

Seat Frame Depths
The NXT is available in 3 sizes:
a short, a medium or a long.
For x-short 8″ to 12″ range.
Each size adjusts an additional 4″ in depth.
Seat frame depth is measured without seating, from the front of the back post to the front end of the seat frame.
The shortl range is 12″ to 16.”
The medium range is 14″ to 18.”
The long range is 16″ to 20.”

Seat Depth Extensions
For additional seat frame depths, extensions can be added to the back of the seat frame. There is a 2″, a 3″ or a 4″ extension to choose from.

Available in 25 colors

Seat to Floor Height
The NXT can be configured in a variety of seat to floor heights.
Selections in front casters and rear wheel sizes determine a range of choices from 12.5″ low to 18″ high, and most everything in between.

Tilt Range
45 degrees