E-Track – Wall Mount

Overhead tracking: Go to the wall

Ergolet’s E–Track is a proud example of innovative Danish design. It represents, quite simply, a revolution in overhead tracking techniques.
E-Track’s unique difference is that it is a wall mounted track solution. In reality E-Track is an attractive flat wall panel offering a discreet and unobtrusive alternative to the unsightly wall and ceiling brackets that are conventionally used. Moreover, E-track is quick and simple to install, making it an extremely cost effective choice and the preffered professionals’ choice for home and institutional settings.
Can be mounted on almost any type of wall construction.
E-Track is also a supremely flexible system. For example, a room can be completed with E-Track and a traverse system, but if the traverse system is not being used, or is required in another room, then the traverse can be quickly and easily dismounted from the E-track profiles and conveniently moved.
An additional feature is E-Track’s profile on the underside, a practical feature for hanging light pictures or other wall decorations, removing the need to make holes in the wall.
An aluminum cover plate locks onto the lower fixing channel concealing unsightly electrical cables and screws. And if a room has E-Track installed but is not being used for overhead lifting, then a second cover plate can be clicked into the upper channel transforming E-Track it into a flat, fully closed wall panel.

Key standard functions
Can be mounted on almost any type of wall construction.

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200KG, 275KG

Colour Range



Approx 1 Year






Technical Specifications

  • Load on profile: 200kg and 275kg

  • Measurements of profile: 25.5mm x 97mm

  • Weight: 2.0kg/m

  • Mounting examples: Plasterboard, wood, concrete, brick

  • Colour: White powder coating

A range of accessories are available for E-track such as brackets for hanging pictures etc. A range of brackets for different installation purposes.

  • Class leading design and functionality.

  • Can be mounted on most wall constructions.

  • Quick and easy to install. Cost saving.

  • Telescopic cart to compensate for varying wall widths.

  • Profile can be used to support light room dividers or curtains.

  • Clean and simple state-of-the-art-design. Flat panel look.