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  • Luna Portable Overhead Ceiling Hoist

    When combined with the E-track, the Luna powered ceiling hoist creates a versatile overhead lifting solution suitable for any room or lifting need.

    The Luna overhead tracking hoist is unique in making a track hoist into a flexible technical aid. Luna can be mounted in different positions on the track and may be changed at will to suit varying care needs. The Luna track unit can also be adapted to suit existing tracks so that total replacement is not necessary.


    • Soft start and stop motor control
    • Electrical emergency lowering
    • Electrical emergency stop
    • Low battery indicator (visual LED)
    • Charging indicators
    • Power on indicators
    • Overload protection
    • Emergency brake system
  • Molift Nomad Portable Ceiling Hoist

    A lightweight battery powered portable overhead track hoist that provides vertical movement using a hand control, or using push buttons on the motor unit.

    Horizontal movement is operated manually. It is made of fibre armoured plastic and aluminium, has integrated handles and a curved design to allow extra head clearance.

    It has emergency stop and lowering functions along with a built in lift counter, indicators for servicing and charging.

    Various sling and tracking options available.


    Molift Nomad’s curved design and integrated 4-point suspension means more space and comfort for the user. The Nomad can be used with all passive Molift Slings. Molift Nomad is safe too – it is equipped with safety features such as electronic overload protection, electrical emergency lowering and emergency stop.


    The Nomad only weighs 6.8 kg – yet has a hoisting capacity up to 255 kg. Features integrated carry handles for easy handling.


    In conjunction with a special trolley, the Molift Nomad can be used to climb from one rail system to another without a transition rail. This results in easy transfer from room to room.


    The Nomad can easily be connected and disconnected by a single caregiver using the extension arm. The Molift Nomad Cart is perfect for storing and transporting the hoist.


    It’s easy to operate Molift Nomad through the handset or the integrated display. Operated by environmentally friendly NiMh batteries, the Nomad is also equipped with audio and visual battery indicators.


    The automatic service notification system tells you when service is required. The integrated software also reports hoist usage and service history.


  • Monarch Portable Ceiling Hoist

    The Monarch Portable Ceiling Hoist is one of the lightest on the market weighing only 5kg, whilst lifting the industry standard of 200kg. Ideal for occassional or multiple room use, the product is robust and charges with an AC Charger.

    The unique spreader bar includes our industry leading Secure Sling Mechanism designed to ensure loop attachments cannot be unintentionally removed.

    Perfect for rental properties, multi-room, temporary or short-term use, the Monarch Portable Ceiling Hoist can be used as a flexible alternative to fixed overhead hoists.


    • Weighs only 5kg
    • An increase of +25% battery capacity against market average
    • Tarzan hook for room-to-room handling
    • Carry handle
    • Unique Spreader Bar with Secure Sling Mechanism
    • 200kg safe working load
    • Ideal for transporting with the user
    • Ideal for rental properties or hotels for nonpermanent use
    • Easy-to-use Carabina clip
    • Accessible charging/switch
    • Loop Sling Spreader Bar
    • Compact design
    • Easy transport handle
    • Unique secure sling mechanism

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