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  • All Trak Ascent

    Rise to a new position. The robust and maneuverable Alltrack M3 reaches new levels of function with the additional of the all new, fully adjustable power standing option. Retaining the balanced, stable performance of the existing Alltrack M3, the Ascent allows users to drive at a reduced speed while standing and offers the ability to adjust their position to meet physiological and functional needs.

  • All Trak M3

    The Alltrack M3 and M3-HD Mid-Wheel Drive (MWD) provide the perfect blend of indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance, ideal for active lifestyles. Thanks to the patented dual-action suspension, the M3 enables users to easily navigate everyday obstacles both indoors and out. Each M3 is fully modular and can be equipped with a wide array of positioning and electronic accessories providing exceptional performance and endless possibilities.

  • Permobil M3

    Meticulously engineered to help you maintain better positioning, feel more secure and reduce driving fatigue so you can conquer daily activities with ease. The compact base of the M3 offers maneuverability in tight spaces without sacrificing performance. Featuring the innovative FlexLink suspension geometry with independent caster swing-arms helping to keep you stable and in control as you traverse the obstacles in your world.

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