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  • STEALTH – i2i Head Support

    The Stealth i2i was designed to be used as a therapeutic tool to encourage active head control within a limited range. It offers integrated support to the entire cervical spine (posteriorly, laterally and anteriorly if the chin prompt is needed), the sub-occipital area (to provide a resting spot for the head), and the anterior upper thoracic area, which often requires cueing, and support to promote good alignment. In addition to its value as a therapeutic tool for working on active head control, the i2i assists by helping improve eye contact with promotes socialisation; improves ability to communicated and interpret responses and improved ease of feeding. There are a range of significant benefits associated with the Stealth i2i, including:

    • Helps decrease the progression of cervical deformities.

    • Helps provide an upright head position promoting eye contact and social interaction.

    • Meals become more manageable without the need for an aid to maintain an open airway.

    • Ideal for clients dominated by increased flexion or too weak to hold their heads up for any sustained amount of time.

    • Ideal for clients presenting with a great deal of extensor tone but poor midline control, which often results in their head getting caught under or to the side of their existing system.

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