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  • Heel Bootie

    Designed to protect and prevent the feet/heels from injury and bedsores.

  • Heel Cushion

    Supports ankles and relieves pressure on heel zones.

  • PozinForm Heel Cushion

    Poz’In’Form Heel Cushion

    Relieve pressure on the heels.

  • PozinForm Heel Wedge Cushion

    Poz’In’Form Heel Wedge

    The Heel Wedge assists with shifting the pressure points from the high-risk heel area to low-risk zones (calves and knees).

  • Spex Webbing Heel Loops

    Spex Webbing Heel Loopskeep the wheelchair user’s heels in a secure position to prevent the feet from sliding off the back off the wheelchair footplate.

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