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  • DAYS Forearm crutch

    Easy to Use Crutches

    The closed fixed armband enables the user to retain the crutch on their arm even if they release their grip on the handle. This prevents the crutch from dropping to the floor accidentally. Non-marking ferrules are slip-resistant, for added safety. The 22mm ferrules are fitted to the adult crutches and 16mm ferrules are fitted to the children’s crutches. Adjustment is easy using the simple push pin operation.

    The standard plastic hand grip is easily wiped clean to reduce the risk of cross infection.

  • Forearm Plus Walker

    • Designed to support the user in an upright position enhancing patient balance and gait stability
    • Ideal for those with limited hand and wrist strength
    • Adjustable forearm gutter height
    • Adjustable hand grip to suit individual forearm length and to reduce strain on wrists
    • One-piece urethane arm pads are removable and easy to clean
    • Rubber hand grips are textured for additional grip
    • Sturdy frame folds almost flat for easy storage and transportation
    • Supplied with four swivel castors

    Also Available

    • HC0180 Forearm Plus Walker with Rear Glides

    Accessories Available

    • HZ0050 Sheepskin Gutter Covers (pair)
  • Spex Padded Forearm Straps

    Spex Padded Forearm Straps help to keep the forearems stable.

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