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  • Gemino 30 Carbon Lightweight Rollator

    Super Lightweight
    The GEMINO 30 Carbon includes the same benefits as the GEMINO 30 with a weight of 5.4 kg making the GEMINO 30 Carbon easier to lift, transport, and store, while also being super manoeuvrable in tight spaces.

    Looking for something lighter? The GEMINO 30 Carbon and GEMINO 30 M Carbon, have all the advantages of the GEMINO 30 but with a super lightweight and strong carbon fibre frame, offering support and making it effortless use as part of any active lifestyle.

  • PROGEO Duke

    Individualised with room for adjustment

    Progeo Duke is a rigid carbon fibre wheelchair with a fixed front frame, built-in adjustability and head-turning looks. The fixed front and carbon fibre material enhance the manoeuvrability, resulting in a more durable and agile ride. This makes the Progeo Duke a solution for users favouring the benefits of carbon.

  • PROGEO Joker

    Adjustability with the benefits of carbon

    Joker Carbon, a new evolution of the Joker model characterised by its monocoque carbon fibre frame that remarkably reduces the weight while improving manoeuvrability. Total weight starting from just 7.8 kg.

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