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  • OSCAR Barwon

    The Barwon lift recliner provides comfort, is highly customisable and available with a large range of modifications. It features a three roll back, with a single head roll and twin back rolls.

    It is available in four standard sizes:

    • Mini to suit height ranges between 122cm (4’10”) to 1.57cm (5’2”)
    • A to suit height ranges between 157cm (5’2”) to 173cm (5’8”)
    • B to suit height ranges between 173cm (5’8”) to 180cm (5’11”)
    • C to suit height ranges over 180cm (5’11”)

    A large range of customisations are available to give the user the best fit.

    The lift assist function tilts and lifts the chair forward to aid with standing.  This relieves the strain of standing from a low position.

    Show wood arms offer further support, allowing you to hold onto the armrests while getting in and out of the chair.

    The tilted chair will catch the weight of the user, allowing them to ease themselves into a natural seated position.  This function also allows for a greater sense of independence.

    The Barwon is available with a single motor wall saver mechanism or dual motor mechanism and is rated to 130kg.

    A large range of upholstery options are available.  To view the fabric ranges available click here.

    The Barwon is proudly made in Australia by Oscar Furniture and holds the AFRDI Blue tick certification awarded by the Australian Furnishing, Research and Development Institute. This certification along with our ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified quality & environmental management systems give you peace of mind that the Barwon chair is made to the highest standards.

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