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  • Overtoilet Aid – Aluminium

    • Provides a raised seat and support arms to assist toilet transfers
    • Ideal for people with hip or knee injuries or those who require greater seat height
    • Ergonomic angled arms assist transfers
    • Height adjustable
    • Removable toilet seat and splashguard
    • Non-slip rubber tips
    • Powder coated aluminium frame is lightweight and rust proof
    • Tested and conforms to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3973: 2009

    Also Available

    • AZ1400 Lid, Clip-on
  • Throne Toilet Aid – 3 in 1

    • Support arms to assist toilet transfers
    • Arms can be set in standard position, splayed position or folded down
    • Splayed position provides a greater width between arms
    • Fold down arms to assist side transfers
    • Easily attaches to toilet using existing toilet seat fixings
    • Clamps provide additional stability on the toilet pan, and lock arms into desired position
    • Powder coated steel
    • Compatible with most toilets

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