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  • ACTION 3 Junior

    A wheelchair that grows with the child. Invacare Action3 Junior is a lightweight, foldable paediatric wheelchair designed for children aged between 3 and 15 years.

    Action3 Junior has been developed to match the individual needs of the child and can grow as they grow.

    Because a child’s needs will change the Action3 Junior offers a large range of options to accompany the child in their development and to provide the necessary clinical support. All models of Action 3 junior come in attractive, modern styles, designed to appeal to kids.

  • Action Ampla

    The Invacare Action® Ampla™ has been designed and developed specifically for Plus-Size users, taking into consideration body shapes, varying activity levels and weight limit requirements.

  • ACTION Pilot Cushion

    The ACTION Pilot Cushion is Low-Profile cushion that provides exceptional pressure relief for users with a history of pressure sores. 2.54cm Akton Polymer provides immersion for bony prominences and protects clients with fragile skin integrity.

    This Multi-use Cushion is recommended for use on Manual and Power Wheelchairs, or any other seat requiring significant reduced Hi-Pressure areas, vibration and shear.

    The Low-Profile allows users to effectively reach floor for more efficient cushions to maxmize stability and positioning when required. Custom sizes are avaliable.

    The cushion comes with a basic cover, though an incontinent cover is also avaliable.

    This product is not returnable/refundable

    Level of Care: Low

  • ACTION Xact Classic Cushion

    The Xact Classic offers outstanding pressure distribution and Anti-Shear properties. The 1.4cm ACTION Cube pad and laminated foam base help the user maintain a comfortable, therapeutic position.

    Rehab therapists most often recommend the Classic for users requiring forward and laterial positional support. The recent re-design that incorporates viscoelastic pink foam offers improved support for gluteal areas and bony protuberances.

    Custom sizes avaliable in 2.54cm increments withstandard pommel and side rails.

    A Body Smart Cover is sold with the Classic.

    Incontinent and replacement covers are also avaliable.

    This product is not returnable/refundable

    Level of Care: Medium

  • ACTION Xact Lite Cushion

    The ACTION Xact is for the active and mobile patient, including those who require Sports-friendly cushions, and can self-propel, transfer and shift. This new design reduces shear and pressure and provides maximum surface flexibility with no hammocking effect.

    This product is not returnable/refundable

    Level of Care: Medium

  • INVACARE Action 3NG

    Faster assessment and easy adjustment. More active positioning. High performance to roll into action!

    The Invacare Action 3NG has been designed to enable easier assessment and adjusts for maximum mobility. The Action 3NG manoeuvres smoothly due to its light rigid and well-balanced frame, and an ergonomic design that enables the user to become more independent.

    Improved function – Emphasis on user and therapist needs has resulted in easier and finer adjustments within the frame. These increased configuration choices ensure improved postural position maximising user function and independence.

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