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  • All Trak M3

    The Alltrack M3 and M3-HD Mid-Wheel Drive (MWD) provide the perfect blend of indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance, ideal for active lifestyles. Thanks to the patented dual-action suspension, the M3 enables users to easily navigate everyday obstacles both indoors and out. Each M3 is fully modular and can be equipped with a wide array of positioning and electronic accessories providing exceptional performance and endless possibilities.

  • All Trak MHD3

    The?Alltrack HD3 Mid-Wheel-Drive?is a versatile, fully capable, very heavy-duty (VHD) power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of up to 550 lb (250 kg). Purpose built to address the unique needs of larger users, the HD3 offers uncompromising performance and capability. Superior indoor manoeuvrability is possible due to the compact, mid-wheel drive footprint and excellent comfort and stability thanks to patented dual-action suspension.

  • Frontier V6 – Compact 73 MWD Electric Wheelchair

    The Ultimate Urban Compact
    The Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Compact 73 Mid Wheel Drive (MWD) powered wheelchair is the ultimate urban compact. Built on our adjustable and robust frame, and with mid-sized castor arms, you can take on challenging urban environments, kerbs and potholes with ease. Not the biggest, not the smallest but just right. This ultimate compact will give you improved freedom in and around the streets.

  • Frontier V6 – Hybrid MWD Electric Wheelchair

    For the Best of Both Worlds
    The Magic Mobility Frontier V6 Hybrid Mid Wheel Drive (MWD) powered wheelchair brings together the best of all possible worlds. Designed to cruise, the Hybrid is the versatile and flexible chair for the busy user. All options are on the table. It’s a straightforward upgrade to all terrain capability with a simple off-road wheel change.

  • Glide Centro

    CentroGlide is our leading model Electric Powered Wheelchair. It?s a robust mid-wheel-drive power chair, designed and manufactured in Australia to provide remarkable stability and trouble-free service for years. It comes with our Active Pozi-Track (APT), which is a 6-wheel fully independent suspension system. CentroGlide is manoeuvrable, narrow and compact for perfect performance indoors or outdoors with a 75 amp battery system. All CentroGlide wheelchairs have built-in, tilt in space, and come with a completely customisable seating platform to allow for tailored cushioning.

  • Magic 360 – MWD Crossover Compact Electric Wheelchair

    Get ready to go your own way in the Magic 360
    The ultimate crossover powerchair has now arrived!
    Tailored for the world you live in. The Magic 360 lets you choose the life you want. Configure the body colour to suit your style. Select the wheels for the adventures you choose.
    Pair with Crossover wheels and enjoy ultimate 360 degree living. Move from outdoors to indoors with ease. Take on the dirt roads, gravel, mulch and muddy fields and then seamlessly cross over to the indoors.
    Finally a true all-terrain powerchair that truly responds to whatever adventure you’re seeking, tackling off-road challenges to indoor obstacles.
    This is your chair and your choice.

  • Magic 360 – MWD Urban Compact Electric Wheelchair

    Feel Free to go Your Own Way
    A revolution in powered wheelchairs has arrived!
    Tailored for the world you live in. The Magic 360 lets you choose the life you want. Configure the body colour to suit your style. Select the wheels for the adventures you choose.
    Paired with Urban wheels and neat body looks you’re set to take on city living in style. Navigate cobbled streets, kerbs, footpaths, offices and transport with ease. Move through narrow spaces and access the highlife with a 12 inch lift. The Magic 360 is a sleek, stylish, compact solution to all the challenges your city throws at you.
    Finally a true all-terrain powerchair that truly responds to you, tackling off-road challenges to indoor obstacles.
    This is your chair and your choice.

  • Permobil M1

    Finally, a true Permobil quality solution for those users who require a more traditional rehab style seating system with limited to no power seat functions. Designed with adaptable seating and positioning needs in mind, the M1 offers all the flexibility without the compromise.

  • Permobil M3

    Meticulously engineered to help you maintain better positioning, feel more secure and reduce driving fatigue so you can conquer daily activities with ease. The compact base of the M3 offers maneuverability in tight spaces without sacrificing performance. Featuring the innovative FlexLink suspension geometry with independent caster swing-arms helping to keep you stable and in control as you traverse the obstacles in your world.

  • Permobil M5

    Take control with high-performance motors enabling a top speed of 10 km/h and exceptional low-end torque that lets you pivot like a pro. Experience unsurpassed stability and ride comfort with FlexLink Pro independent drive wheel suspension. The M5 Corpus will take you to new heights with increased stability and full suspension even in 14? of seat elevation.


    The Quantum Edge 3 is the culmination of 8 years of product improvement and innovation. Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provides a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability. Optional iLevel is available at 7km/h with up to 12? of power adjustable seat height. Standard features include LED fender lights, a USB charger, and drive wheel colour accents. The Edge 3 accepts a complete range of seating and electronics options and is available in a total of 14 colour options, including seven brand-new, bold colours.

  • Quantum Streto

    When searching for narrow wheelchairs for tight spaces and easy maneuvering, why not choose the best narrow wheelchair on the market? In addition to it’s narrow width, the Edge 3 Stretto is eqipped with independent SRS, delivering increased shock absorption. This is due to the angle of the shocks on the power base. As one of the top wheelchairs for narrow doorways, the Edge 3 Stretto is available wiht optionial iLevel technology. With iLevel, you can elevate your wheelchair’s seat up to 12 inches and drive at 3.5mph while elevated.

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