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  • All Trak – Trak Master

    The Series 2 wide tracks provide most all of the advantages of the Series 1 narrow tracks including features allowing a wider range of outdoor surface terrain and conditions. The Series 2 width is 6.5″ of aggressive track patterns. These patterns perform well in all types of surfaces. We have a dual track system so you can invest in both track patterns if you wish with track assembly options. You can have two machines in one frame.

  • All Trak R3AT

    Explore the possibilities and experience the great outdoors with confidence. The Alltrack R3 Outdoor is configured to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of Hybrid-Wheel Drive technology. Our patented, fully independent 6-wheel interactive suspension features unparalleled drive wheel travel to provide a more refined, smoother ride that is made to explore. Paired with extra wide, soft 14″ x 4″ tires and 9″casters, the award winning rugged R3 and R3-HD boasts superior performance over rough, uneven terrain while offering the indoor manoeuvrability needed for every day mobility.

  • Explorer 6X6

    This ultimate 6-wheel-drive outdoor electric wheelchair will take you places other wheel chairs and mobility scooter will not go.

  • Extreme X8 – 4×4 Electric Wheelchair

    Off-Road and Off the Map
    The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 provides the freedom you’ve always wanted.
    The X8 is your partner to almost any destination. Sand, snow and every terrain you can throw at it. With unrivalled off-road performance and reliability, the X8 is perfect for outdoor adventurers, explorers and rural workers. If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the Extreme X8 is waiting to take you there.

  • FRONTIER V4 – Hybrid FWD Electric Wheelchair

    For the Road Less Travelled
    A powered wheelchair for those who know what they want. The V4 Front Wheel Drive (FWD) offers a great solution to some of life’s most tricky corners. The thinking person’s chair, it’s designed for those who are asking themselves the question about getting around their homes with ease, using desks and tables or driving frequently. Choose hybrid or off-road wheels to ensure you get the best power wheelchair for your lifestyle.

  • Frontier V4 – Hybrid RWD Electric Wheelchair

    Adventure Gained. Nothing Lost
    A powered wheelchair for those who know what they want. The thinking person’s chair, the V4 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) is designed for those who are asking themselves the question about getting around the street or off-road, as well as indoors. Swap your hybrid tyres to either off-road or crossover tyres to ensure you get the best powered wheelchair for your lifestyle.

  • Frontier V6 – All-Terrain MWD Electric Wheelchair

    For Ultimate Outdoor Adventure
    Our most popular powered wheelchair worldwide, the Magic Mobility Frontier V6 All Terrain Mid Wheel Drive (MWD) is ideal for the outdoors, yet its size makes it a capable indoor performer. The low-pressure tyres provide a smoother ride and the articulating front bogie arms provide increased climbing ability, providing tremendous off-road and kerb climbing capacity.

  • Glide Centro XT

    The all new Centro-XT is an Extreme Terrain power chair designed for users who enjoy off pavement driving. The XT is based on a standard Centro and fitted with low pressure wide knobby Drive tyres and 9″ front castors. It still maintains most of the features of the standard Centro and can be scripted to suit individual clients.

  • Magic 360 – MWD Off-Road Compact Electric Wheelchair

    Ready to go your own way?
    In the ultimate compact off-road powerchair!
    Tailored for the world you live in. The Magic 360 lets you choose the life you want. Configure the body colour to suit your style. Select the wheels for the adventures you choose.
    Paired with Off-road wheels you can enjoy the thrill of the great outdoors. Take on dirt paths, long grass, muddy tracks, dips and divots with confidence. Combine it with a fishing rod holder and luggage rack and you’re all set for action.
    Finally a true all-terrain compact powerchair that truly responds to your adventurous life, tackling off-road challenges to indoor obstacles.
    This is your chair and your choice.

  • Permobil X850

    Introducing the Permobil X850, our dedicated off-road power wheelchair brought back by popular demand. The X850 is designed to tackle a variety of terrain including paddocks, loose trails and even snow. Get back out there and experience life off the beaten track.