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  • Klaxon Twist

    Twist is the compact, multi-function propulsion system that you definitely need: a small wheel with an electric motor and a battery. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, Twist is designed to accompany you on every journey.

    Twist connects to all types of manual wheelchairs, both rigid and foldable, through the patented Linking System Klaxon®. With Twist you are ready in seconds thanks to this innovative system. You can connect it to the front or to the rear. Twist is an elegantly designed object that allows you to move easily and in style. With Twist you can check your settings and usage statistics directly on the display of your Smartphone. You can easily program speed and braking parameters or view the battery consumption. Connect Twist with a simple gesture! Control your Twist with the wireless controller: configure the start, modulate the speed and the braking simply, with the Bluetooth connection. Twist is agile, reliable, fast and manoeuvrable: it is made of high-quality materials and innovative systems. Twist is compact and light to carry and can be stored in its own convenient bag. Maximum freedom when travelling by car, train or plane!