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  • Spex Lateral Trunk Supports Swing-Away Axial

    The Spex Axial Swing-Away Lateral Hardware, with its patented mechanically rotational system ensures that the user’s trunk is always kept well supported even in the most challenging positions. A well-fitting lateral support will improve balance, posture, and comfort in the wheelchair.

  • Spex Swing-Away Axial Lateral Trunk Support Hardware

    Provides the correct support structure with a patented mechanical rotational system.

  • Spex Swing-Away Lateral Trunk Support

    Modular lateral supports provide the optimum trunk control whilst improving balance, posture and comfort. Offset correction can be applied to an asymmetric trunk to bring better trunk alignment for enhanced function

  • Spex Swing-Away Lateral Trunk Support Hardware

    Spex Swing-Away Lateral Trunk Support hardware provides clinical-grade modular lateral support for optimal trunk control.

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