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  • HOMECRAFT Caring Standard Cutlery

    Easy-Use Contoured Handles

    The Homecraft Caring Cutlery range of stainless steel utensils have moulded, contoured plastic handles with built-up ends. Ideal for patients with weakened grip, or restricted movement in wrists or fingers.

    • Moulded, contoured ergonomic handles
    • Knife & Fork has shaped indent for index finger
    • Hygienically sealed, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
    • Available separately or as a four piece set
  • HOMECRAFT Kings Standard Built-Up Cutlery

    Homecraft Kings Standard Built-Up Handle

    Use one of these handles on your Homecraft Kings Cutlery to make meals easier. The adaptive dining aids simply slide onto the utensil over the plastic spigot. Use with a variety of cutlery including your fork, knife, or spoon. Customize your silverware by adding a handle that accommodates your needs.

    Find the Handle You Need

    • Standard handle: Cylindrical handle with a hollow body
    • Slim handle: Skinnier handle with an oval cross section, also used as core for the built-up sleeves
    • Heavy handle: Similar to standard but with a metal bar in the core to add weight, helpful for people with hand tremors
    • Contoured handle: Curved handle with indentation for your fingers to help ensure a proper grip
    • Mushroom handle: Round, hollow door knob shaped handle, easier to grip for people with weak or painful joints
  • HOMECRAFT Kings Standard Modular Cutlery

    Easy to Use Dining Aids

    The Homecraft Kings Standard Modular Cutlery utensils are mounted in plastic spigots that push tightly into the chosen handle but allow the blade to be angled as desired. Choose from a knife, fork, standard spoon, junior spoon, teaspoon, and soup spoon.

    • Mounted in plastic spigots
    • Can be used with any Homecraft Kings cutlery handle
    • Allows blade to be angled as desired
  • HOMECRAFT Standard Bath Board with Handle

    Have A Seat In The Bath

    This comfortable contoured bath board comes complete with a handle, cut out soap dish and can easily be adjusted to fit bath widths of between 450mm to 710mm. Rubber pads secure the bath board and help to reduce slipping.

  • Spex Standard Contour Cushion

    Using proven Spex strategic positioning base technology, the Spex Classic cushion is designed to create the optimum pelvic foundation for the wheelchair user with moderate to severe positioning and pressure requirements.

  • Spex Standard Lateral Head Support

    The Standard Lateral Head Support, has been designed to meet moderate head positioning needs. It comprises a posterior head pad with suboccipital support to promote head positioning while the head rotates. A clever ear cut-out detail stays comfortable when resting at different positions on the pad.

  • Spex Vigour Standard Contour Cushion

    The Spex Vigour Standard Contour Cushion has a 30mm contour height and is designed to properly centralise and stabilise the pelvis, hips and legs to maintain and improve comfort, function and positioning in all other parts of the body.

  • Standard Medial Thigh Support

    The Spex Medial Thigh Support block is a wedge shape that can be attached to the front of the wheelchair seat.

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