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  • Bath Transfer Bench – Sliding

    Provides easy and safe access and a stable seating area for bathing and showering

    • Adjustable height aluminium frame
    • Plastic moulded textured top features holes to drain water away from the seating area
    • Sliding function allows seat to easily transfer to a bathing position
    • Anti-slide locking device on both ends of bench
    • Velcro lap belt provides increased security
    • Curved backrest provides added support
    • Integrated grab rail (specify left or right side)
  • Juvo Mobile Shower Commode – Self Propelled – Sliding Footrest

    The Juvo Self-propelled Shower Commode Chair need not rely on an assistant or another individual for the elderly or disabled person’s bathing. With the Juvo ‘Klipps’ System Selection of seamless pressure care (closed or open fronts) and PU padded seats, the state-of-the-art shower commode chair is unlike any other in the market. Another unique feature of the equipment is its non-woven wide open convenient back strap structure supplying cleaning accessibility.

  • Juvo Mobile Shower Commode – Sliding Footplate

    Assists transportation of the patient for showering and toileting
    Can be positioned over the toilet for toileting
    Wider seat widths and reinforced frame to suit the bariatric client
    Swingback arms with padded armpads assist side transfers and can be positioned at two different heights
    Adjustable safety arms for additional security
    Sliding footrest is textured and weight-bearing for added safety
    Footrest slides back under frame to assist patient transfers
    PVC slatted backrest
    Mounted on 4 x 125mm stainless steel locking castors
    Durable stainless steel frame
    Tested and conforms to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3973: 2009l

  • WendyLett Sliding Sheet

    WendyLett sheets are intended for users who have difficulty turning in bed. The Satin base sliding sheet has a smooth and silky central part, enabling turning with minimal effort without the risk of sliding off the bed because of the anti-slip material at both sides of the sheet. The material also prevents the user from sliding down in bed.

    Using WendyLett means that small transfers, turning and positioning can be performed without friction or shearing damage to the user’s skin and can also be placed on top of pressure relieving mattresses without compromising the pressure-relieving properties.

    • Mixed material fabric: Smooth, strong cotton and polyester combination
    • White and grey stripes and checked patterns: Indicate the direction in which sliding is facilitated
    • Prevents pressure-related sores: No friction or shearing