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  • OXFORD 4-Point Active Powered Cradle

    The 4-point Adaptive Powered Cradle uses the Securi3 safety clip system and allows the carer to lower and position the patient independently for optimum recline and comfort – eliminating the requirement for manual repositioning.

    This system allows for the carer to lower and position the patient independently, providing high standards of recline and comfort. This lift eliminates the need for manual repositioning.

    The Adaptive Powered Cradle is designed for use with the Oxford Presence and Stature lifts.

  • Powered Traverse Monarch

    The Monarch Fixed Ceiling Hoist is a compementary product to other products for individuals with mobility challanges. It is designed for use by caregivers and health professionals to lift and transfer a person in a homecare, assisted-living or hospital environment.

    The Monarch Fixed Ceiling Hoist is one of the only ceiling hoists on the market using reliable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology. Most competitor products use Lead-acid (heavy, toxic, low cycle life) or NiMh.


    • Unique spreader bar with secure sling mechanism
    • Fast- lifts up to 30% more quickly than other models
    • Low lift clearance- slim profile means more room to maneuver patient
    • Li-ion battery- recharges twice as fast as average competitor products
    • Ultra lightweight- weighing 8kg 35% lighter than other competitors
    • 200kg/ 270kg safe working load
    • Ideal for nursing homes, hospitals or domestic use
  • UCCELLO Powered Kettle Tipper

    • Effortless pouring technology .
    • Stainless steel heating element .
    • Auto shut-off with overheating protection .
    • Ergonomic handle for easy handling .
    • Water level indicator .
    • Power-on light .
    • Non-slip weighted base .
    • Ideal for users with restricted strength and mobility to improve their quality of life .