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  • NXT Optima Thoracic Back Support

    The NXT Optima and Optima DEEP Thoracic Back Support was specifically designed for optimal pelvic positioning while providing proper support to the users thoracic region. The Optima offers a very large range of width and height choices to accommodate a large range of users, from the very active to less active – and body types from very small to bariatric.

    • Scapula cut-out shape for advanced freedom of movement

    • Optima is available in a Standard and Deep lateral contour depth. The Deep offers an adjustable depth of 5.5 in. to 7 in. (14 cm to 17.8 cm) for optimal mid-line support and positioning

    • Lightweight aluminun shell
    • Higher lateral contours, providing
      better support in the thoracic region
      while maintaining optimal pelvic