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  • INVACARE – Freedom NXT

    Introducing the next generation of lightweight folding tilt-in-space mobility – the NXT.  With the NXT there are no compromises between durability and portability. The NXT incorporates the best design features of both folding, and non-folding tilt-in-space mobility. It is lightweight, compact and portable yet strong, durable and dependable.

    The NXT is quick and easy to adjust to continue to meet kid’s needs as they grow. And, just so that there are no surprises, each NXT includes the Freedom “Future Fit” program. The Freedom “Future Fit” program provides the parts necessary to grow the width of the NXT one time during the life of the frame. Freedom’s NEW NXT is truly the “Generation Next” in folding tilt-in-space design.


    • Transforms as easy as 1,2,3…
      • Pop off wheels and footrests
      • Flip back armrests, fold down back
      • Pull up on strap to fold and stow for transport
    • Travels light, weighing just 21.5 pounds
    • Approved for bus transit
    • Tie-downs for bus transit are the strongest part of the frame
    • Transit tie downs are highly visible and easily accessible


    • Three fasteners adjust seat frame width 2” in most sizes
    • Two fasteners adjust seat depth another 4” in each size
    • Two fasteners adjust back angle from 80° to 120

    Easy to Use

    • Foot-activated tilt with flip-up pedal
    • Foot-activated wheel lock
    • Foot curb-assist leverage bar/anti-tipper
  • NXT Armadillo Multi-Adjustable Postural Back Support

    The NXT Armadillo Back Support is a multi-adjustable postural support back which
    features a three section modular shell with smartGEL™ Infused Visco Technology back cushion. The Armadillo is designed to adjust to fit the unique contour of the user’s spine and to accommodate users with Kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs.

    Able to wrap around the curve of the spine for users with Kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs.
    Off-loading for spinious processes in the recessed middle channel.
    Expandable mounting hooks allow the back support to mount on wider wheelchairs (up to 2″ wider).
    Adjustable bottom plate offers individualized pelvic support at the PSIS.

  • NXT Multi-Fit Head Support

    The NXT Multi-Fit Head Support features curved depth and angle adjustment in a wide range of settings. Additional quick adjustment levers provides the option of easy multiple adjustments without the use of tools, and the vertical post can be set in three different rotation orientations. The latch style clamp allows for easy height adjustment and removal. You can choose the desired type of fixtures and the size of pad required for your Multi-Fit Headrest. Pad and/or fixture components can also be ordered separately. 

  • NXT NüFit Wheelchair Cushion

    The NXT NüFit™ cushion is a multilayer contoured cushion designed for users who need a comfortable cushion with good positioning and are at low to medium risk of skin breakdown.

    • smartx3D Antimicrobial polyester 4 way stretch cover for comfort and low temperatures.

    • Radius cut rear for sacral support.

    • Pre-ischial support prevents sliding while
      providing pelvic support.

    • Moderate abductor/adductor contour for mid-line positioning of the femurs.

    • Beveled front edge for foot propellers or users
      who want to sit with a tight front frame angle or
      who have tight hamstrings.

    • Textured non-skid bottom with loop Velcro®
      and carry strap.

    • Waterproof Zipper
  • NXT Optima Thoracic Back Support

    The NXT Optima and Optima DEEP Thoracic Back Support was specifically designed for optimal pelvic positioning while providing proper support to the users thoracic region. The Optima offers a very large range of width and height choices to accommodate a large range of users, from the very active to less active – and body types from very small to bariatric.

    • Scapula cut-out shape for advanced freedom of movement

    • Optima is available in a Standard and Deep lateral contour depth. The Deep offers an adjustable depth of 5.5 in. to 7 in. (14 cm to 17.8 cm) for optimal mid-line support and positioning

    • Lightweight aluminun shell
    • Higher lateral contours, providing
      better support in the thoracic region
      while maintaining optimal pelvic

  • NXT Xtend Height Adjustable Back Support

    The Most Adjustable Back Support Available

    The Xtend Back Support is one of the most highly adjustable back supports available today. Precise height adjustments allow for small incremental changes, or for a change in the users, condition which requires modification to the back height placement or contour support.

    The NXT Xtend and Xtend DEEP Height Adjustable Thoracic Back Support have been designed designed with 4″ of stepless height adjustment, built right into the shell itself.

    • Built-in height adjustment allows back height, and lateral contour height to be set exactly where support is needed. Done quickly and easily with the user seated in the wheelchair
    • Two-piece lightweight aluminum shell

    • Adjustable upper section allows for optimal lateral thoracic support.

    • Fixed lower section supports the pelvic area

    • Xtend Low DEEP offers adjustable lateral contour depth of 5.5 – 7″ (14 – 17.8cm) for optimal mid-line support and positioning. DEEP Only.

    • Scapula cut-out shape