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  • Deluxe Leg Sling

    Three sizes in fabric or mesh.

    • Provides maximum support to hips and thighs.
    • Recommended for patients with compromised hip joints and amputees (subject to assessment).

    Allegro General Purpose Slings are designed to be simple and safe to use for both home and institutional patient lifting. The slings are manufactured from polyester fabric or mesh (suitable for bathing) with internal padding in pressure areas and utilise webbing attachment loops. The webbing loops are colour coded for sizing to allow easy sling selection and identification.

    Webbing loops of varying lengths are provided at each connection point to allow a lay back posture for the patient or, by using the shortest loops, a higher lift. General Purpose Slings may only be
    applied to lifting hoists fitted with a yoke attachment. Yoke Attachments available in:

    2 hook
    4 hook

  • Fitleg Leg Positioning

    Effective leg & heel positioning.

  • In-Situ Straight Leg Slings

    In Situ Full Body Patient Transfer Sling with divided leg. This straight leg sling has an integral head support with removable support bones and is cocooning, easy to apply, with low friction fabric on leg sections. This loop fixing sling has detachable tapes for greater comfort in-situ.

    The fully body straight leg sling can also be ordered with additional waist or chest support if required. Optional hip tapes can also be added to provide additional support to the hip area.

    Soft binding as standard across the Silvalea In-situ range for greater user comfort.

    Once the patient has been transferred this sling can be left In-situ, subject to an appropriate risk assessment.

    Functional Independence Measure

    The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) scale assesses physical and cognitive disability. This scale focuses on the burden of care – that is, the level of disability indicating the burden of caring for them.


    1. Transfers: bed/chair/wheelchair
    2. Transfers: toilet
    3. Transfers: bathtub/shower
    4. Transfers: car
    5. Locomotion: walking/wheelchair
    6. Locomotion: stairs
  • Leg Lifter

    Single Handle Leg Lifter

    The Rigid Leg Lifter is a webbing strap with a stiffened stem that enables the user to move an immobile leg when in a bed or wheelchair or using a footstool.
    The upper loop fits around the hand and wrist. The lower loop slides over the foot to offer control in lifting the leg.


    Dual Handle Leg Lifter

    The Dual Handle Leg Lifter is designed to help users reposition their legs when they have limited or no use of their legs. Two handles enable users to utilise both arms when moving the leg, and the sturdy centre rod stabilises the device. Ideal for using while in a chair or bed.

    The firm center post stabilises the leg while moving. This leg lifter is designed for users with limited grip strength. Two handles allow users to utilise both arms when moving the leg for added stability and maximum comfort.

    • Available in single or dual handle
    • Two handle design provides extra control and safety when moving
    • Ideal for on the couch or in a chair and repositioning is needed
    • Designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities
  • Poz’In’Form Leg Stabiliser Cushion

    Stability and abduction for the legs.

  • Simple Stuff Works Side Lying Leg Support

    To protect the hips and pelvis whilst in side lying position.