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  • HOMECRAFT Kings Specialised Cutlery Utensils

    Homecraft Kings Specialised Cutlery Utensils

    Design your own cutlery. Choose the utensil you need, all of these can be used with one hand. Then, choose a Homecraft Kings Handle (sold separately), the range includes weighted, contoured, and more. Easily fit the spigot of the utensil into the handle and you’re ready to eat.

    Splayed Fork and Nelson Knife

    These utensils combine two functions into one convenient piece. The splayed fork is a combined fork and spoon. The bowl of the spoon can be used for scooping while the prongs of the fork pick up food. The Nelson Knife functions as a knife and a fork. The knife’s blade curves and has fork prongs on the end. Both are designed to help with one-handed eating.

    Rocker Knife

    These rocker knives make cutting easy. All you need is a one-handed rocking motion. The Small Rocker Knife is designed to cut regular meals and can be used in the double-ended cutlery handles to make one utensil more versatile. The Large Rocker Knife has a broad semi-circular blade which is ideal for preparing larger food items while doing kitchen prep work. It can be used without cocking your wrist.

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