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  • SAVANT Headrest

    A Wheelchair Headrest for Total Head Control. The Savant Headrest is a new and unique support for the head. It is cool, light-weight and can easily be shaped by hand.

    The Savant comes with a headband that can be used for anterior support. It can be worn with or without the headband. The wheelchair headrest is constructed with a unique steel core that allows selective shaping without tools.

    Low profile headband gives anterior support. Quick release clamps hold the Headband in On the client. Easy release for fine adjustment. High Lateral Pads give effective lateral flexion control. Mid-Lateral Pads are shaped for comfort behind the ears. Sub-Occipital Pads form extra support below the mandible. The pads are filled with a soft gel for comfort. Fits 1″ ball mount.

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