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  • BREEZY Cirrus G5

    Cirrus’ly Great Value…..Seriously Great Features!

    The Breezy Cirrus G5 Tilt In Space Wheelchair is designed with both client and carer in mind to provide ultimate comfort and flexibility.The wheelchair features back recline and tilt which provides an easy and comfortable way to change position throughout the day whilst assisting in pressure management.

  • Curocell Cirrus A4

    Active mattress aids in the treatment of pressure related injuries
    Fully automatic and flexible alternating pressure mattress replacement system with integrated heel function
    Unique wave like alternating process is particularly suitable for pain therapy
    Combines air and multiple layers of high quality foam to give a very high level of comfort and pressure distribution
    Fully automated pump individually adapts to the user to optimise pressure
    Silent pump has a user-friendly interface with audible and visible notifications
    Sound and light alarms for low pressure or power failure

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