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  • Bariatric Yoke Spreader Bar – 4 Point with Integrated Weigh Scale

    Allegro Concepts Hoist Accessories are designed and manufactured in Australia, with a view to providing healthcare facilities with customized patient transfer packages that meet the needs of each individual clients.

  • OXFORD Classic Digital Weight-Scale with 6-Point Spreader Bar

    The Digital Weigh-Scale is Class III Certified, which means it will provide a highly accurate measurement of weight each and every time. This is critically important for ongoing patient monitoring and precise medication delivery. A 6-point spreader bar is included with the digital scale.

    Technology featured:

    • Large, Easy-To-Read LCD Screen
    • Class III Certified For Precise Measurements
    • Simple And Intuitive Controls
  • Yoke Spreader Bar – 4 Point

    The Allegro Concepts range of standard patient lifting hoists includes:
    • Alto Lift (SWL 200kg)
    • Sonata (SWL 150kg)
    • Sonata ELS (SWL 150kg)

    These three heavy duty hoists are available with a choice of 6 different sling attachment options. Achieve quality patient transfers by selecting the fitting which best suits your client or healthcare facility. Factors which may determine choice of sling attachment include:
    • Physical attributes of patients eg. weight, disability
    • Level of staff training eg. competence with complex lifting procedures
    • Necessity to interface with existing equipment eg. beds, wheelchairs

  • Yoke Spreader Bar with Integrated Weigh Scale

    The Standard Yoke with Integrated Weigh Scale can be used for all day-to-day patient lifting and monitoring patient wellbeing.

    With a weight capacity of 320kg, the yoke is ideally used in conjunction with slings that have loop attachments. The yoke is also beneficial when standard scales can’t be used.

    The yoke is compatible with the following hoists:

    • Reduces loss of lifting height compared with other hoist scales
    • Use with general purpose(loop attachment) slings
    • Non-absorbent polyurethane padding