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  • OSCAR B24

    The B24 lift recliner has been designed for clients who may need their lift recliner to be wheeled around.  This function is especially useful in aged care facilities and recovery wards.

    The chair is fitted with large castors and a push handle at the top of the backrest, allowing for a resident to be moved around whilst seated in the chair. The rear castors are lockable with a foot operated break enabling the carer to lock the chair in place without having to bend.

    Fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery pack, the chair can be operated throughout the day without being connected to a power source, and can then be charged overnight for use the following day.

    It is available in two standard sizes:

    A to suit height ranges between 157cm (5’2”) to 173cm (5’8”)

    B to suit height ranges between 173cm (5’8”) to 180cm (5’11)

    The B24 is available with a single motor wall saver mechanism or dual motor mechanism and rated to 130kg.

    A large range of customisations are available to give the user the best fit.

    A large range of upholstery options are available.  To view the fabric ranges available click here.

    The B24 is proudly made in Australia by Oscar Furniture.

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