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  • Aquarius Shower Trolley

    A standard shower trolley designed to meet budget constraints.

    Key Benefits

    Safe & secure: The dropsides fold underneath the top and the liner side lays down to provide gap free patient transfers.

    Hygiene conscious: Tilt the top 6 degrees and lower the drain hose tip to quickly remove waste water.

    Custom adjustments: Raise of lower the height of your trolley to suit bed transfer or best working positions. You can also lock the removable end rails into two positions, allowing 120mm extra space for longer patients.


    Designed for standard bathroom use.

    Why Buy

    We are able to bring our Modsel shower trolley design quality to you at an affordable price, helping to meet tight budget constraints and maximising the number of working units available. The refined framework and proven mechanics awards long life value and consists of considered, easy to clean surfaces coupled with quality twin wheel castors to ensure the highest level of maneuverability.