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  • HOMECRAFT Adjustable Bed Cradle

    Whether you want to prevent possible accidents while asleep or to keep the covers off of your feet and legs, this Bed Cradle is the exact product that you have been looking for. These products are able to be used at the side or end of the bed for many personal purposes. The base of this product slips between the mattress and spring and is ready to be used in no time at all. The folding version is excellent to be used for easy storage and traveling and both styles are ideal for personal and professional use.

    • Keeps covers off legs and feet
    • Can be used at the side or end of bed
    • Base slips between mattress and spring
    • The adjustable version allows height of 18″–27″ and the base is 14″ x 28″
    • Consists of a two-part frame
    • Latex free
  • HOMECRAFT Atlantic Wave Deluxe Shower Commode

    The Homecraft Atlantic Wave Deluxe Shower Commode features a lightweight, aluminium frame, making it rust-free and highly durable. Attendant- or self-propelled, this chair offers independence for bathing and toileting. With versatile swing-away, detachable footrests and flip-up arms, it is ideal for use in a shower cubicle or wet room, as a commode or over a standard toilet bowl. The detachable back enables the chair to be partially dismantled for more compact storage.

    • Lightweight, height-adjustable, silver painted aluminium frame, provides a rust free, high strength product.
    • Attendant-propelled has brakes on all four wheels while the self-propelled has brakes on the front castors
    • Detachable swing away footrests for comfort and support while being transported
    • Armrests can be flipped back to facilitate side transfer
    • Can be used in a shower cubicle or wet room as a commode, shower chair, or elevated toilet seat.
    • Cut-away front of the seat to facilitate personal hygiene and a set insert is provided for comfort during transport.
    • Comfortable padding on back and armrests
    • Detachable back enables the shower commode chairs to be partially dismantled for more compact storage.
    • Helpful bathroom aid for the elderly and people with disabilities, spare parts are available
    • Includes a square commode pan
    • Available in Attendant-Propelled of Self-Propelled
  • HOMECRAFT Bed Rail

    Sturdy Construction & Easy Use

    The Homecraft Bed Rail is designed to prevent the user from rolling out of bed. Once the user is in bed, simply slide the bed rail under the mattress. The weight of the user secures the bed rail. Constructed from sturdy epoxy coated steel, these rails are built to last.

    • Prevents users from rolling out of bed
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Constructed from epoxy coated steel
    • 4 per carton
  • HOMECRAFT Belliclamp Jar and Bottle Holder

    Homecraft Belliclamp Jar and Bottle Holder

    This device holds a jar or bottle in place when opening. It’s made of moulded plastic with non-slip feet and a rubber lining to keep the device and jar securely in place. It can be used with most jar or bottle openers.

    How to Use

    1. Hook the device over the edge of a worktop
    2. Place the jar or bottle in the V
    3. Clamp in place by pushing the ram with the stomach or hip
    4. Twist the top open using your hands or a bottle opener
  • HOMECRAFT Caring Standard Cutlery

    Easy-Use Contoured Handles

    The Homecraft Caring Cutlery range of stainless steel utensils have moulded, contoured plastic handles with built-up ends. Ideal for patients with weakened grip, or restricted movement in wrists or fingers.

    • Moulded, contoured ergonomic handles
    • Knife & Fork has shaped indent for index finger
    • Hygienically sealed, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
    • Available separately or as a four piece set
  • HOMECRAFT Dressing Stick

    Extends a Patient’s Reach

    The Dressing Stick helps individuals put on and take off garments they cannot easily reach or that require movements that are difficult, such as socks, jumpers and jackets.

    Simplifies Dressing and Undressing

    Simplifies movement for those with limited range of motion. Each dressing stick is equipped with a rubber tip on one end and a double-wire hook on the other.

    • Wooden stick is sized for easy grip
    • Features a rubber tip at one end
    • Includes special double wire hook at the other
  • HOMECRAFT Easireach II Reacher

    Homecraft Easireach II Reacher

    The Homecraft Easireach II Reacher is made from lightweight aluminum and has a comfortable ergonomic handle, that is designed for people with limited reach or strength. The 3″ jaw opening with an orange slip-resistant surface gives high visibility and offers a secure hold on items with a magnetic tip that picks up small metal objects. The end post can be used to help with dressing and pulling items closer. It includes a lock-on clip to store the reacher on a walker or a wheelchair. The reacher may also be hung by the curved hook on the handle. Wipe-clean surface for shared use.


    Who needs a reacher?

    Reachers are useful for people recovering from a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement or other surgeries that limit their range of motion. They are also helpful for seniors to reduce bending, thus helping to reduce their fall risk. Reachers allow people with disabilities, including those who use a wheelchair to live independently. They are also helpful for anyone who needs to reach objects on high shelves. Choose your perfect Homecraft Easireach II Reacher today!

  • HOMECRAFT Economy Female Urinal, 800ml, Autoclavable

    • This female urinal has a handle for ease of use. Anatomically designed to enable use when sitting, standing or lying
    • Capacity 800ml, with graduations for output
    • Autoclavable to 135 degrees Celsius
    • Weight 110g
  • HOMECRAFT Kettle Tipper Universal

    Compatible with most standard, jug and cordless kettles with base no more than 200mm diameter. Tipping lever can be positioned on either side. Kettle is held securely and is easily tipped, requiring very little effort. Kettle safely returns to upright position when lever is let go of.

  • HOMECRAFT Kings Button Hook

    Assists With One-Handed Dressing

    The Homecraft Kings Button Hook is a shaped stainless steel wire which assists one handed dressing by passing through the button hole and over the button to grip the thread. It is pulled through with a twisting motion.

    • Assistance with one-handed dressing
    • Shaped stainless steel wire with handle
    • Easy to operate, helps with daily life activity
  • HOMECRAFT Kings Specialised Cutlery Utensils

    Homecraft Kings Specialised Cutlery Utensils

    Design your own cutlery. Choose the utensil you need, all of these can be used with one hand. Then, choose a Homecraft Kings Handle (sold separately), the range includes weighted, contoured, and more. Easily fit the spigot of the utensil into the handle and you’re ready to eat.

    Splayed Fork and Nelson Knife

    These utensils combine two functions into one convenient piece. The splayed fork is a combined fork and spoon. The bowl of the spoon can be used for scooping while the prongs of the fork pick up food. The Nelson Knife functions as a knife and a fork. The knife’s blade curves and has fork prongs on the end. Both are designed to help with one-handed eating.

    Rocker Knife

    These rocker knives make cutting easy. All you need is a one-handed rocking motion. The Small Rocker Knife is designed to cut regular meals and can be used in the double-ended cutlery handles to make one utensil more versatile. The Large Rocker Knife has a broad semi-circular blade which is ideal for preparing larger food items while doing kitchen prep work. It can be used without cocking your wrist.

  • HOMECRAFT Kings Standard Built-Up Cutlery

    Homecraft Kings Standard Built-Up Handle

    Use one of these handles on your Homecraft Kings Cutlery to make meals easier. The adaptive dining aids simply slide onto the utensil over the plastic spigot. Use with a variety of cutlery including your fork, knife, or spoon. Customize your silverware by adding a handle that accommodates your needs.

    Find the Handle You Need

    • Standard handle: Cylindrical handle with a hollow body
    • Slim handle: Skinnier handle with an oval cross section, also used as core for the built-up sleeves
    • Heavy handle: Similar to standard but with a metal bar in the core to add weight, helpful for people with hand tremors
    • Contoured handle: Curved handle with indentation for your fingers to help ensure a proper grip
    • Mushroom handle: Round, hollow door knob shaped handle, easier to grip for people with weak or painful joints