Brand: Glide

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  • Glide Centro

    CentroGlide is our leading model Electric Powered Wheelchair. It?s a robust mid-wheel-drive power chair, designed and manufactured in Australia to provide remarkable stability and trouble-free service for years. It comes with our Active Pozi-Track (APT), which is a 6-wheel fully independent suspension system. CentroGlide is manoeuvrable, narrow and compact for perfect performance indoors or outdoors with a 75 amp battery system. All CentroGlide wheelchairs have built-in, tilt in space, and come with a completely customisable seating platform to allow for tailored cushioning.

  • Glide Centro XT

    The all new Centro-XT is an Extreme Terrain power chair designed for users who enjoy off pavement driving. The XT is based on a standard Centro and fitted with low pressure wide knobby Drive tyres and 9″ front castors. It still maintains most of the features of the standard Centro and can be scripted to suit individual clients.