Brand: Forte

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  • FORTE Alaise

    Airoform Response Immersion Interface Layer
    4 X Anatomically Zoned Air Cell Structure
    Support / Anti-Shear Reservoir
    Full Length & Width Pressure Care Surface
    Sloped Heel Pressure Transfer And Protection Zone
    Premium Firm Foundation Layer & Hinged Strengthened Sides
    Super Shear Inner Cover
    Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Pressure Care Cover
    Easy Maintenance

  • FORTE Icon

    Available in 15 & 20cm thicknesses
    Profile Hinge System allows profiling to electric/adjustable bed platforms
    Reduce risk of falls & increase stability with inbuilt strengthened sides
    Airoform immersion & envelopment comfort foam technology

    Queen Size*
    Custom size option available. Manufactured to order. *The split queen can be purchased with any comfort combination which ensure couples receive optimal comfort, for example Soft one side, Firm the other side.

  • FORTE Icon Maxx

    Airoform Memory Immersion Interface layer – medium
    Premium Postural support secondary layer
    Premium firm foundation layer
    Triple section, split foundation layer
    Hinged strengthened sides

  • FORTE Zephair

    Patient Interface – Upper Layer
    Patient Interface – Lower Layer
    Premium Firm Foundation Layer
    22 Cell, Alternating Air System
    Easy To Access Cpr
    Modular Design
    Silent, Ergonomic Pump
    Power Cord Safety Retention System
    Super Shear Inner Cover
    Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Pressure Care Cover

  • Sovereign S7 Advance 250kg

    Advanced Pressure Redistribution
    Breathability and Improved Micro-Climate
    Heel Slope
    Safety anf Falls Prevention
    Mobilty, Independence & Ease of Repositioning
    Reduced Friction/Shear