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  • DAYS Aluminium Underarm Crutches

    Mobility While Recovering From Injury

    The Days Aluminium Underarm Crutches are ideal for patient mobility while recovering from leg, ankle or foot injuries. Constructed from high tensile extruded aluminium, making them lightweight, durable and very strong. Fitted with high-quality rubber tips for stability.

  • DAYS Forearm crutch

    Easy to Use Crutches

    The closed fixed armband enables the user to retain the crutch on their arm even if they release their grip on the handle. This prevents the crutch from dropping to the floor accidentally. Non-marking ferrules are slip-resistant, for added safety. The 22mm ferrules are fitted to the adult crutches and 16mm ferrules are fitted to the children’s crutches. Adjustment is easy using the simple push pin operation.

    The standard plastic hand grip is easily wiped clean to reduce the risk of cross infection.

  • DAYS Gutter Walker with Handbrakes

    Maximum Support for Gait Training

    The Days Gutter Walker is designed to keep the user in an upright position, providing maximum support for gait training. It is height adjustable and fitted with forearm support, making it comfortable for users of different heights. With four castors, including two brake castors at the rear, this walker can travel in any direction with ease. The handles also come with handbrakes, allowing users to control their movement and pace.

    Improved Design

    The new and improved design of the Days Gutter Walker features thicker tubing and larger wheels. This allows for maximum support and durability, making it a reliable aid for daily use. It can also be folded for easy storage when not in use, making it a practical choice for those with limited space. Unlike walking sticks, it allows the user to redistribute their weight from their legs to their arms, reducing leg pain and promoting more efficient

  • DAYS Lightweight Kitchen Stool

    Adjustable height; constructed of lightweight aluminium; broad sloping padded vinyl seat for maximum comfort; large non-slip feet; plastic seat and back.

    • Constructed of lightweight aluminium
    • Broad, sloping padded vinyl seat for maximum comfort
    • Adjustable height; large non-slip feet
  • DAYS Overbed Pole

    A fantastic free-standing mobility device for both conventional and hospital beds

    The Days Overbed Pole can be used in conjunction with a conventional or hospital bed. It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble. Also features a handle, which is on an adjustable webbing strap. This self-help pole boasts a 13kg lightweight design while holding a max user weight of 135kg and still being extremely durable and easy to assemble. Comes with an easy grab handle attachment with an adjustable webbed strap to easily fit all bed heights. It will assist in sitting up in bed or lowering yourself to a laying down position. This device also assists the user when re-positioning yourself while in bed. Perfect for anyone needing independence of movement without blocking bed edges.

    • Can be used with a conventional or hospital bed
    • Lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble
    • Easy grab handle’s strap adjusts to fit all bed heights
  • DAYS Swift Self Propel

    The Days Swift Self Propel Wheelchair’s best feature is its weight. This wheelchair has an easy to fold feature which makes it stress-free to transport and store. The compact size of this wheelchair means manoeuvring both indoors and outdoors is straightforward even in cramped spaces. Quick-release wheels, extended brake handles and a folding backrest make the Days Swift Self Propel Wheelchair user friendly for both user and carer.

  • DAYS Swift Transit

    The Days Swift Transit Wheelchair features a folding backrest and removable leg rests making it simple to transport and store away. The small size of this wheelchair means it makes light work of tight passages.

    Swing-away leg rests and the extended handle brake illustrate how this wheelchair is designed with both user and carer in mind.  The Days Swift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    This product is delivered flat packed. Minimal assembly is required.

  • DAYS Tri Walker

    Light and easy to manoeuvre

    The Days Aluminium Tri-wheel Walkers feature a lightweight aluminium frame that is easy to manoeuvre, making them ideal for use indoors or outdoors.

    • Ergonomic handgrips for optimum comfort
    • Adjustable height handles with 5 settings at 25mm intervals
    • Loop lockable brakes provide added security and convenience. The brake tension can also be easily adjusted to suit requirements.
    • Includes durable vinyl bag to transport and conceal your belongings
    • Folds easily for storage or transport using the simple easy to grab pull handle
    • Optional basket and tray available