Brand: Care of Sweden

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  • Care of Sweden 5ZON

    Pressure – Elastic material and a zone and module system gives pressure equalisation.
    Shear forces – The mattress is specially designed to reduce the effects of shear forces.
    Sit function – Our patented(5) sit function DuoCore is designed to give support when sitting and also to provide good comfort when lying.
    Moisture – The hygienic cover is vapour permeable(4), which contributes to reduce the risk of skin maceration.
    Hygiene – The cover is easy to clean and has a good hygienic standard

  • Curocell A4

    Construction with 6 cm HR foam base
    Soft and silent air cells
    Static head cells
    Heel function
    Multi-functional inner cover
    Unique CPR-function with transport function
    Smart cable management
    PVC free
    Unique design for easy handling and usage

  • Curocell Area Zone

    Reduces shearing forces
    Zone system in the top mattress
    Easy to handle and maintain
    Flexible and self-adjusting
    Handles for easy transportation
    Hygienic cover with welded seams

  • Curocell Cirrus A4

    Active mattress aids in the treatment of pressure related injuries
    Fully automatic and flexible alternating pressure mattress replacement system with integrated heel function
    Unique wave like alternating process is particularly suitable for pain therapy
    Combines air and multiple layers of high quality foam to give a very high level of comfort and pressure distribution
    Fully automated pump individually adapts to the user to optimise pressure
    Silent pump has a user-friendly interface with audible and visible notifications
    Sound and light alarms for low pressure or power failure

  • Curocell Uno

    Type: dynamic mattress replacement system
    Height: 20 cm
    Function: an aid for prevention and treatment up to and including category 4(1)
    Recommended user weight: up to 250 kg
    Input voltage: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
    Sound level, control unit, max: 20 dBA(2) 35 dBA(5)
    Warranty: 2 years
    Cleaning of cover: wipe with cleaning agent and/or disinfectants
    Machine wash max 95 ?C, tumble drying